Welcome to Loyalty Binds Us. My name is Susan

Buonaparte and I am a member of the Richard the Third

Society.  I have dedicated this site to King Richard III  

 and the Wars of the Roses.

The Houses of York, Lancaster and Tudor have played

major parts in our great British history. With characters

such as Edward IV, Warwick the Kingmaker, Henry VI,

 Henry Tudor and of course King Richard III, this period in

our history can't fail to ignite our interest in a time where

loyalty united men and women to a particular household, be

it York, Lancaster or Tudor.

Since the discovery of King Richard III in Leicester in

2012, the interest in the Wars of the Roses has risen greatly

and many people are rediscovering their passion for

Medieval history.

I have loved this period in history for many years,(I read

Sharon. K.Penman's book the Sunne in Splendour and I was

hooked!) and I would like to share my passion with you

and, I hope, this reflects in my products.

   I hope you enjoy browsing through the site.
                     Thank you.